London: Day 3

On Sunday we had breakfast at the Balans Soho society. I had the eggs Benedict with avocado, bacon and lobster and my boyfriend had the classic eggs Benedict. The food was delicious and the restaurant itself is really beautiful.

After that we took a train to Camden Town and visited the different markets there. 

We bought a few artprints, as well as some jewellery. Since I have been to London before I already knew how fun it is in Camden on a Sunday and my boyfriend loved it as well. 

Our next stop was St.Pauls cathedral. We didn’t go inside, but looked at it from the outside as we made our way to the millennium bridge

On the other side of the Thames we visited the Tate Modern. The had some really interesting exhibitions and even some Andy Warhol prints. 

After that we took a train to Piccadilly circus and ate at an American diner in Soho. I had some fried chicken with coleslaw, mash, onion rings and gravy, as well as one corn dog. It tasted great. 

Today we’re already leaving for Germany again, but we still have a whole day in London! 

– Kate x


London: Day 1 + 2

We arrived in London at around 6:40 in the morning and travelled into the city by Stansted Express and then took the tube to Stratford. From there it was a five minute walk to our hotel – the Westbridge

Because we arrived fairly early our room wasn’t ready yet, but the hotel staff was kind enough to take care of our luggage, so that we could go explore the city.

We firstly checked out the Westfield Stratford, right by the station and then took the tube to Holborn, from there on we walked to Trafalgar Square and Picadilly Circus. Since I have been to London before,  I became the tour guide for my boyfriend. Next stop was Big Ben, Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey. 

Then we tried to find the Buckingham Palace and arrived there after a ten minute walk. We didn’t spend a lot of time there and headed straight to Hyde Park

After spending an hour there we headed back to our hotel. Our room is excellent and I can highly recommend the Westbridge. The staff is amazing and the restaurant is excellent.

On Saturday we had breakfast at the Eastway, right by Liverpool Station. I had the waffles with bacon and maple syrup, as well as a freshly pressed orange juice and an English breakfast tea. The food was absolutely delicious.

The rest of the day we just went shopping in the Oxford Street, Knightsbridge and Covent Garden. At the end of the day we got some sushi at Oka in the Kingly Court in SoHo. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos, but the sushi was amazing.

– Kate x

Trip to London 

Hi, to everyone who’s still reading my blog posts,

I’m excited to tell you that by this time tomorrow my boyfriend and I will be in my all-time favorite city – London. 

We’re going to arrive there at 6:50AM and have booked a room in the Westbridge Hotel in Stratford. Our stay will be from tomorrow to Monday and we’re going to leave for Germany at 19:55PM.

I’ll try to make some posts, show you some pictures and keep you updated! 

– Kate x

Shopaholic: Thailand 

As you might know I just went to Thailand for a month and of course I bought loads of new treasures, that I want to show you, but first of all – let me tell you some of the best places to shop at in Bangkok. 

On our second day we went into the Siam Paragon, one of the many malls surrounding Siam, including the Siam Paragon, the Siam Centre, the Siam Discovery and the Siam Square. You can find some affordable shops like Pull&Bear, H&M, Brandy Melville, etc.  there but you can also find lots of designer stores there. If you’re looking for a bargain,  I wouldn’t recommend shopping there – go to the MBK or the platinum mall instead. They have a large selection of cheap clothing, including fakes of all kinds. 

If you’re more into markets I would recommend going to the Chatuchak Weekend market or the Chatuchak Green market. You can find some amazing small designers there, lots of accessories and souvenirs. 

Hope I could help you and now let’s get on with the haul. 

I got these sunglasses at a little shop at Chatuchak weekend market. 

I got these on Koh Tao at a little sunglass shop. I could care less that they’re fake, I just really like the way they look. 

The gun as well as the two chokers are from Chatuchak weekend market and the bracelet is from Koh Tao. 

I got both of these shirts at the MBK mall in Bangkok.

I found this shirt at the platinum mall in Bangkok, they have lots of shirts like this there. 

These were my finds on Koh Tao. They have tons of little shops there, which sell amazing clothes. Most of them are one size though.

This clutch is from BKK authentic and I got it at Chatuchak weekend market. 

Last, but not least I got this purse at the platinum mall. They have a lot of Gucci inspired bags there. 

Unfortunately I can’t tell you the name of all the shops, because most of them don’t have names, but I hope you liked it anyway. 

– Kate xx

Koh Tao 

After getting on a speed catamaran in Koh Phangan at the Thongsala pier, we arrived in Koh Tao at the Mae Haad pier and departed from there immediately to our hotel – the Koh Tao Hillside resort. 

The first impressions were good, but after looking at the resort and inspecting our room we didn’t want to stay there anymore. In the bathroom was a dead spider,  which was apparently smashed and just left on the wall. The bathroom wasn’t very pretty and was very dirty. If you wanted go get to the Reception or one of the two restaurants, you had to climb up or down thousands of stairs. That’s generally not bad, but the stairs were really wanky and it felt unsafe. After one night there we decided to leave on the next morning. I’m not going to post any pictures of the room on here, because it’s not very pleasant to look at.

We checked out, got our money back and checked into the Indie Hostel right by Sairee beach. It’s a cool boutique hotel with a nice little café. Our bedroom was small but it was enough for two people. There were some stains on the walls and on towels or sheets, but generally it was a clean place. 

On our first night at Sairee beach, we had dinner at the Black garlic restaurant. The mohitos were perfectly prepared and the burgers were amazing as well. I highly recommend this little restaurant. 

Then we went to the beach and sat down at the Lotus bar. We had a few cocktails and enjoyed the fire show. There was also a DJ, who played some cool tunes. 

On the next morning we had breakfast in the little Indie café. They had a nice selection of breakfast menus, bagels, muesli, freshly baked goods, smoothies, juices and coffee. I ate the baked beans bowls, it had baked beans topped with cheddar cheese, an poached egg and bacon, with a slice of freshly baked bread. I also had a cold vanilla machiato and it was absolutely delicious.

 In the evening we went to the famous Koh Tao Pub Crawl. It’s an event where a group of promoters guide you through four different locations in Koh Tao, the Choppers Bar & Grill, the Lotus bar, the Queens cabaret and the Fishbowl. It starts every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday in front of the Choppers at 6PM. I would highly recommend it, if you want to have a little tour through Koh Tao’s night life and also meet other travellers. 

On Wednesday we went to Koh Nang Yuan, a little island that is about ten minutes away from Sairee beach, if you go by Taxi boat. If you decide to get a taxi boat it’s always better to go with a bigger group of people,  because the price is always the same and the more people you are the less you pay. 

In the evening we also went to the Portobello, a nice little Italian restaurant. I would highly recommend the dough balls with pesto and the Prosciutto Bianca. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, but the Pizza is devine.

Another restaurant that I can recommend is the Blue Water, we went there on Thursday and on Saturday. They have a nice selection of food and really good cocktails. If you’re there try the Lychee or the Ginger mojito and a wrap or the fish and chips. 

In the end I can say that I would recommend visiting Koh Tao and if you want to go out and meet new people Sairee beach is perfect, but Koh Tao has lots of other more quiet beaches, if you want to have pur relaxation.

Our week on this island has ended and we’re back in Koh Samui now, heading to Bangkok in a few hours and then back to Germany on Wednesday.

Hope this blogpost was helpful!

– Kate x

Foodgasm: Bangkok

This is my first post in the category “Foodgasm”. Whenever I spot a new restaurant or go to a different country, I’ll try to keep you updated on the food there. 

On our first night in Bangkok we went to Kaohsan road. They have a large selection of food there, as well as lots of bars and restaurants. Our Thai friend introduced us to Rotee, a Thai desert, that is similar to a crêpes, but crispy. It’s filled with bananas and drizzled with chocolate syrup. 

You can get food at pretty much every corner in Thailand and the time doesn’t matter either, some of those stands seem to be open 24/7.

One of those stands was at Chatuchak “JJ” Green, a night market near Saphan Kwai. My boyfriend ordered stir-fried chicken with garlic, a side of rice and an egg on top. 

Another place to get good street food is China town, but there are also plenty of restaurants. We went into a little restaurant and ate noodle soup and dim sum. We also ordered iced coffee and sweet tea. 
A restaurant that I can also highly recommend is “The Pizza Company” it’s almost the same as Pizza Hut, but better. The have some really cool drinks and the pizza tastes great. 

If you’re searching for a good breakfast. I can recommend a little restaurant/café called “Black box” it’s right by the BTS station Chit Lom and has a great breakfast menu, as well as a good selection of beverages. I ate the chicken and waffles and it was delicious. I also tried the passion Mango smoothie, which was really refreshing.

Last, but not least you should definitely go to Chatuchak “JJ” weekend market. They have many food stands there and you have to try the coconut ice cream. It’s served in the half of a young coconut and tastes absolutely phenomenal.

I hope this gave you an insight on what food to expect when you visit Bangkok.

My last tip is: Try everything

– Kate x

Koh Phangan 

Right after our little adventure in Bangkok my boyfriend and I headed to Koh Samui and then took a ferry to Koh Phangan. We had booked a bungalow with beach view at the Cookie Salad resort, right by the Haad Salad beach. After getting up at three in the morning and traveling for hours we arrived at the resort at about noon.  

I can highly recommend the Cookie Salad resort, as well as Haad salad beach. It’s a rather calm and relaxed atmosphere and you can’t really party here, but there are lots of restaurants, some bars and some cool daytime activities like scuba diving, kayaking and boat tours around the island. 

On our second day we went scuba diving and even though the water at Haad salad beach is very shallow at some points you can still see lots of fish. It’s definitely worth it. My boyfriend and I also rented a kayak and paddled from the start of the beach to the end. It was very relaxing, but if you’re deciding to go on a boat or kayak trip in the noon, don’t forget to protect your head from the sun and use sunscreen. Lastly we rented a surfboard and did some stand up paddling in the evening. Well, my boyfriend stood up and I sat at the front of the surfbroad and did nothing. I’m not really good at balancing, so I think it was best that he did all the work. We watched the sun set and I can highly recommend renting a surfboard and just chilling on the sea, when the sun goes down – it’s simply breathtaking. 

So if you’re planning your next trip to an island, definitely consider Koh Phangan and the Cookie Salad resort

– Kate x