Foodgasm: Bangkok

This is my first post in the category “Foodgasm”. Whenever I spot a new restaurant or go to a different country, I’ll try to keep you updated on the food there. 

On our first night in Bangkok we went to Kaohsan road. They have a large selection of food there, as well as lots of bars and restaurants. Our Thai friend introduced us to Rotee, a Thai desert, that is similar to a crêpes, but crispy. It’s filled with bananas and drizzled with chocolate syrup. 

You can get food at pretty much every corner in Thailand and the time doesn’t matter either, some of those stands seem to be open 24/7.

One of those stands was at Chatuchak “JJ” Green, a night market near Saphan Kwai. My boyfriend ordered stir-fried chicken with garlic, a side of rice and an egg on top. 

Another place to get good street food is China town, but there are also plenty of restaurants. We went into a little restaurant and ate noodle soup and dim sum. We also ordered iced coffee and sweet tea. 
A restaurant that I can also highly recommend is “The Pizza Company” it’s almost the same as Pizza Hut, but better. The have some really cool drinks and the pizza tastes great. 

If you’re searching for a good breakfast. I can recommend a little restaurant/café called “Black box” it’s right by the BTS station Chit Lom and has a great breakfast menu, as well as a good selection of beverages. I ate the chicken and waffles and it was delicious. I also tried the passion Mango smoothie, which was really refreshing.

Last, but not least you should definitely go to Chatuchak “JJ” weekend market. They have many food stands there and you have to try the coconut ice cream. It’s served in the half of a young coconut and tastes absolutely phenomenal.

I hope this gave you an insight on what food to expect when you visit Bangkok.

My last tip is: Try everything

– Kate x


Author: anirahtakleunam

I'm an twenty year-old girl, born in Bangkok, based in Germany. I love fashion, interior design and traveling. Hope you like my content! - Kate x

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